Happy Easter everyone! I hope you've all had a lovely day eating choccy, enjoying the weather and hopefully time with your family. For some reason Kent university still hasn't broken up so my day has been spent trying to write my essays- but at least I got a day off work. 

Not being able to spend the day with my family really did frustrate me so I've tried to cheer myself up by putting on all my new purchases and making some of the classic nest cakes. The essay is taking the back seat slightly...

This shirt is a lovely imitation of silk and feels beautiful on the skin, it was from Esprit and retails and £45. The Jeans are possibly my best buy ever and my first purchase from All Saints! At £88 they are pricey but they are a wardrobe staple piece which I will keep until I am no longer able to wear them. I think I'll have to do a separate post on these as the photo doesn't really do them justice, The shoes are just £12 from primark. These will become my staple shoes this summer, I love sandels you can just slide on but I don't do very well with completely flat shoes. These have a lovely little chunky heel, its not high enough for walking to be a struggle but it enough to give me a little height.

What did you do this Easter Sunday?

N x