On my blog this year, I want to start adding in new weekly features. It crossed my mind to have different days for different features i.e Foodie Fridays, Make up Mondays, but I enjoy the flexibility of blogging too much (and need it too). However, I thought that a feature to promote newer bloggers each week would be a great addition and I could do as an extra instead of an alternative for a post.
Photo taken at Kikki K Covent Garden

So here's my first Blogs to follow feature! 7 blogs I've been loving, one for each day of the week.

1. Coco Chelsea
I know I said 'new' blog in the intro but this has been one of my favourite blogs since I've started blogging. We started around the same time and it's amazing to see how well she's doing! Her photo's and  posts have always been of an amazing quality and the best thing about her is how relate able she is!

2. Tainted Blue 
Isabelle's blog is only one I've discovered recently but it's a really good read! Her layout and theme just looks so professional and unique. It's clear she puts in a lot of time and effort into each post. Her blog is snippets of her life, with reviews as was as thoughtful posts.

3. Plain Sarah Jayne
Sarah Jayne's blog is anything but Plain! Her photo's have a strong theme and reviews are very thorough. But the products, she reviews are not one's everyone else is talking about. By not jumping on the bandwagon she provides real original content, and as a bonus has introduced me to a lot of new brands!

4. Amber Louise Smith 
As well as  from having some serious #hairgoals, Amber's blog is just a really down to earth. The consistent travel posts give her's more dimension and variety. Another blog I've been following for a good while!

5. Cutie Pie Frizzy
If you want a damn good example of beautiful banner art you need to check out this blog! The floral theme is so cute and girly, but the quality doesn't stop there. Each post is a good length and properly detailed. The photo's are also excellent and the post on how to take better photos and photography tips is a must read!

6. Kitch N Sync
First of all, what a wonderful blog name. The blogs above are predominantely beauty and fashioned based and Kitch N Sync does include this too, but more recently has been provided some great food and fitness bits! The recipes are very achievable and it's great for a bit of inspiration. The gaming part also helps mixs thing up a bit too- I love it!

7. It's Carmen
This blog just makes me happy! Carmen is from Southern California and it shows through every sunny aspect of her blog, It has such a feel good vibe to it with different blog ideas, really good for inspirations for posts!

Do Let me know if you check any of these out and what you think of weekly features x