We've all seen the £2 products advertised on Facebook coming from the app wish. I've actually bought a lot off their 'cute' app, which is one for beauty. Overall I'm relatively impressed. I mean everything's very cheap so I don't expect the best quality but the skin care in particular is great. We often see the contour palette blocking up our news feed and I myself have never bought this but I borrowed my boyfriends sister's palette not for a contour but actually to fill in my brows. This is one of the best products I have used to make my brows go from drab to fab. I wouldn't recommend if you have lighter sparser brows, but for fuller and darker this is just incredible. Have a look at the quick video below!

The trick is not to be too heavy handed. However unlike brow gels and brow pots this blends out a lot more easily. Etch the shape you want to brow to be and then blend it all in. I used the darkest brown for my main colour but I use the slightly lighter one for the sparser part near the front ( not sure of the name!) then just tidy it up with the concealer in the palette. DONE. Natural full brows for peanuts.