I can not believe a storm has decided to hit the UK this Easter Weekend! (These photos were taken on the Good Friday). It's just been so miserable after it looked like it was going to be such a lovely Weekend! It's a real shame because I had planned an Easter Egg hunt for today at my old accommodation. We've had to cancel because of the weather, which is incredibly frustrating as I didn't go home for the weekend because of this. Oh well, such is life.

On another note, how pretty is this dress! I bought it after my unsuccessful interview from H&M ( Sold out online but Look in flagship stores!) in Oxford street. Although it was £40, which is expensive for H&M, I think that the price is incredibly reasonable for the quality. it is a beautiful material with a gorgeous underlay dress so it isn't see through in the wrong areas! The pattern is just so girly and dainty. Thank goodness I saw it on the mannequin first otherwise I would've never picked it up. I'm so, so pleased I did. It's nothing like anything I own and I'm sure I'll get so much wear out of it in the summer. In the photos I'm wearing it with high heels but it will look fine with a pair of block heel white sandles, which are unfortunately
in my Guildford house, I can't wait to style it with them when I get home.