Usually I'm not one to be sucked in by packaging. I much prefer swatching or testing and then deciding. Looking through my make up collection I realise that actually not many of my products are that aesthetically pleasing and quite generic. However, being the atypical consumer that I am Rosie HW collection for Marks and Spencer is just so so beautiful on the outside, I couldn't wait what to see was on the inside. With rose gold packaging as beautiful as YSL but with a price point somewhere in between drugstore and premium, it's a much more affordable luxury.
Rosie for Autograph Collection
Rosie for Autograph products
Rosie for Autograph Make up
Rose Gold Packaging

This is just a first impressions post, I've tried all these products but only the test of time will tell whether the inside lives up to the outside although I have a very good feeling that it will! After a good amount of swatching in store I picked up four items, a loose powder- which I actually needed, two eye shadow stick- which I bought because I'll be commuting soon and a lipstick- which I have no means of justifying.

Translucent Finishing Powder in Supermodel silk- £18

I'll be completely honest. I have never found a powder which I like to use, especially loose. I HATE the feel of heavy powder of my face I feel like I'm suffocating. However, I do need to use it. This powder looks at though it will be the solution the all my problems. The luminoscity is a very attractive feature, it's translucent so won't take away any dimension from my face achieved through contouring. The beautiful packaging has an ingenious way of keeping the powder fine, I'm not sure of the technical name but the 'sieve' which brings out the powder, is in a fabric meaning the holes are so small only a little product comes out each time. And as an added bonus, it doesn't poof all out in the air. This feels so light on skin and it literally creates a veil over my make up. Although our relationship is still in early days I think I'm in love. And I've never felt this way about a powder before.
Rosie for Autograph loose powder

Translucent finishing powder Rosie for autograph

Cream eye shadow sticks in Feline Fox and Almond Eyes -£12.50 each

Well hello pigmentation! I swatched these on my hands and a whole day of shopping didn't budge them. I could've easily picked up all four colours but I restrained myself. I ended up going for feline fox, a smokey dark brown with grey undertones and amber, a peachy brown. It should be noted that all of the shades are shimmery, which is beautiful but it would be amazing to have some matte ones too. But as the brand is early days I'm sure it's all to come. I'm relatively new to the eyeshadow stick world, my boyfriend's sister got me some from topshop for Christmas. And for travel and anyone in a hurry they are so great. So I wanted to expand my collection. As already mentioned the pigmentation is beautiful, however I really struggled to blend them of smoke them out a bit. They are very creamy but this also means when I blend them I find it's give a slight uneven coverage. I am just being fussy because this is a review but I don't think this will stop me from getting them again. Both the colours are just so so useful and beautiful they will be fantastic to pop in my bag to top up during the day.

Almond eyes eyeshadow stick

Feline Fox eye shadow stick

Cameo Blush Sheer lipstick- £14

Rosie HW has iconic lips, and her lip colour always ties together the rest of her look. These retail at a very similar price to the MAC lipsticks- but ( sorry to offend MAC junkies) this is superior is every sense. The application is smooth and glides on, it has a beautiful rose sketched into the product and is very moisturising. Cameo blush is the perfect pink nude, I've been searching for one like this for so so long. And the best part? The magnetic case, so the lid snaps back on and there's no fear of it coming lose in your handbag.
Rosie for autograph Cameo blush lipstick

Cameo blush lipstick

Rosie's range is so impressive and everything has been so well thought through. The thought process is clear- what stops people from buying products and how can we improve that? The powder is easily contained through it's genius filtering system, my eye shadow sticks will always be as good as the day I bought them since they don't need sharpening and the lipstick won't get squished or broken from the lid not wanting to fit. The packaging is consistently beautiful and the products just as fabulous. My only criticism is I wish the collection was even bigger!