Brands such as Lancome, Estee lauder and Clinque tend to get ignored by people in their 20s. I understand why we do. Their marketing often shows actresses more relevant to our mother's and the packaging isn't quite as bold or trendy as Benefit or Too Faced. Most their skin care is anti age and generally targeted for a more mature audience. But I personally don't think that 'younger' brands have a patch on Lancome. There is nothing I've tried from them which I've disliked. Everything is of the most amazing quality and I really enjoy their aesthetic- it's really about enhancing what you already have. My Dad very kindly picked up this travel pallette for me when he was on holiday, and it is an absolute dream to use.

The packaging itself is ideal for travel, it's lightweight and durable, both essential features for make up on the go. It has 4 shimmery eyeshadow shades, a light pink blush and two lipsticks to choose from. The kit also comes with some teeny tiny brushes for each of these, which no doubt I will lose in no space of time.

The eyeshadows:
These eyeshadows are just perfect. I never read anything about Lancome's eyeshadows, but I can't understand why not. These are perfect. And I mean perfect. They are pigment but still very blendable. As a quad the work beautifully, even though they're not colours I'd usually put together but the combonation is the perfect day to night look. My favourite look is placing the pink shimmer all over my crease, then covering my lid with the gold. Then applying the lighter ashier brown in the outer corner and half way across my crease, the warmer, darker brown shade I use to just define the corners. They are so buttery and buildable, meaning your able to create any look, any time of day.
The Blush
For my skin tone, this blush is ideal this time of year, It's a light rose shade and really just adds a subtle, natural looking wash of colour to my face. It's incredibly long lasting and makes me look a little more awake in the mornings! The shade is perfect for anyone with a very light skintone but probably isn't ideal for anyone in medium to dark. Very dark skin may find it looks a little ashy. The quality of this product however is top notch, very good pigmentation and Longevity.

The Lipsticks
I really feel these here just put in here to 'complete' the set. Both these colours are very extreme and really don't show up much on the lips at all. I've used Lancome lipsticks before and I know that these are not true reflections of their actually lipsticks. These more or less just give your lip a bit of a tint and I understand the purpose of them is to make the pallette more useful and diverse- but I would've much preferred a bronzer in this space.

Like everything else of Lancome's, I love this product, It's practicality hardly compromises it's quality. it's perfect for slipping into my handbag and using to take my look from desk to dinner. If you're planning on doing any flying soon- make sure you pop into duty free and get your hands on one of these airport exclusives!