Estee Lauder Little Black Liner Review
Sometimes a flick of liner is all you need. it makes you look more awake, can change the shape of your eyes and is a make up bag essential. Yet it one of those products which every company doesn't get quite right. I don't think that there is the 'perfect, universal eyeliner' as different eyelid shapes have different needs. But I do think that the Estee Lauder Little Black Liner is very close.
Little Black Liner is a double ended Eyeliner, with a square thicker end and a pen shaped thin  one. I believe that the thicker one is meant for creating a wing, whereas the thin is for lining your lash line. Yet I like to use the thinner nib and then the thicker one to neaten, or if I'm in a hurry just use the thicker end to give myself a bit of definition.

Little black Liner

Eyeliner for my eyes are a little tricky. I have one lid which is fine but then the other lid is hooded. I can even them out through make up but unfortunately my eyeliner routine isn't as simple as I'd like. And to be honest it's really something I hate, I wish my eyes where more even not only for vanity reasons but also because I love doing make up- it's part of a hobby for me- but I can't really do as much as I'd like because of my eyeshape and because the surgery to fix a hooded lid is actually relatively simple and straight forward, it will be something I'll get done when I've paid for all the essentials in my life, i.e a car, a house. But in the mean time what I just need to do is make my eyeliner slightly thicker on one eye than the other, so I just simply use the thick end on one side on the thin on the other.
Little Black Liner thin end

I've had two of these eyeliners now so I've thoroughly tested them. The eyeliner is super easy to use, lightweight and gives a really true black colour. However, I think the longevity of them is their main downfall.  Throughout the day the eyeliner doesn't smudge but the colour does tend to fade. And I don't think that an eyeliner last you very long either. For some unknown reason the thicker side seems to last longer and apply with more pigment than the thin side, strange right!?
Little Black Liner Thick End

I do think this is a great high end starter product, and if you have easy eyelids this is a perfect product for creating trickier looks in just seconds. But it still hasn't taken place of my favourite eyeliner Lancome art liner. Doesn't mean it's a half bad product though!