Reviewing products is a huge part of Beauty Blogging, but sometimes it can become a bit monotonous or difficult, especially if you're a smaller blogger or don't have the funds to go and get the newest products every other week. There's only so many products we can justify at one time and review before we run out. So I'm starting a mini series here on TheBrondeGirl and doing a compare and contrast of products which are meant to do the same thing, which will hopefully help you make up your mind in the future!

Foundation Brushes are the first to be put to the test. Mainly because of the diversity of brushes out of the market, it's hard to know what type works best. A lot of this depends on your skin. I generally have more dry skin and pores- so if you don't have this your results would probably differ!

1. Look Good Feel Better | Multipurpose Brush | £12.00
Look Good Feel Better are fantastic for brushes. As someone who sucks at cleaning them I love that they have anti-bacterial fibres, it also supports an amazing Charity so that always helps. I'm never really sure what to do with a multi purpose brush. Whether that's for face or eyeshadows! I usually need them labelled telling me exactly what to do with them. But after playing around with it I LOVE this brush for applying CC and BB cream. It's square shape means that getting into the nooks and crannies of your face is a little tricker for foundation, especially if its a little thicker. But for priming your face this is the winner.

2. Beauty Blender | The Beauty Blender | £16.00
When I first got the beauty blender last year I felt like all my foundation dreams had come true. It's no doubt the quickest way to give full even coverage. It can work with any foundation no matter what the consistancy, And obviously is amazing for blending contouring lines as well as concealer. However it is not without it's flaws. Being a sponge the blender picks up so much product. SO MUCH. I heard from someone that's its allegedly 60% .You can tell mine is filthy, but I had tried to clean in with baby oil to lift some of the dirt previously which it did do, but mailing to the outside of the sponge. The sponge does need cleaning regularly and when you see the amount of product it picks up, it's hard to know if it really is worth the quickness.

3. Bobbi Brown | Full Coverage Brush | £30.00
Out of the lot this is the most expensive brush. Does it justify it's price? I think the answer is probably yes. It's really, really good quality. I would say it gives the same even coverage as the beauty blender, but probably not as quickly. However, it doesn't seem to retain as much product as the Beauty Blender. It still picks up a fair amount so it is important to regulary wash this brush otherwise it will lose it's affect.

4. My Make up Brush Set| Large Circular brush | £1.25 ( Only available in set)
By far the cheapest brush, this is a, and I don't like these words, knock off version of Artis Brushes made in china. Yet I think that the brush has some really good qualities. Products build up is a lot more gradual as the brushes are incredibly dense. The initial application is amazing but he brush does get a little rusty after a few uses, so cleaning it is really important when after a week or so. It's so important to apply this lightly otherwise pores can be enhance, which no one wants. The brush is cheap looking- but it's cheap soooo what do you expect?! Much next make up purchase is Artis foundation brush, I love this brush but want the upgraded version.

So who won this contest? Without sounding cliche and corny. I think these are all winners, but in different events. Beauty Blender is best for speed and coverage, but picks up products easily. My make up brush set is amazing value. Look good feel better is perfect foundations which are very thin or CC creams and Bobbi Brown creates the most amazing look, but is on the pricer end. If you twisted my arm and I HAD to give you a winner, it would be Bobbi Brown. But you would have to twist it very hard.