Make up brushes are something that up until recently, I've ignored. But, since starting to invest in the odd brush here and there, I've realised how important they are to your make up look. However, I absolutely suck at looking after them. I washed my beauty blender for the first time and no joke I think there was probably a whole bottle of foundation in there. So since this awakening I'm trying to get on top of it. I've found a really easy way to wash make up brushes and some reasons to keep reminding me why I need to.

Why wash your brushes? 

The main thing which made very very cautiscious how much I wash my brushes was finding out that dirty make up brushes are the number one cause for adult acne. Which makes total sense if you think about it. You clean the make up of your face every day so really make up brushes should be near enough the same.

Another huge reason is your brushes just work better. I hate it when my brushes aren't moving or buffing in as well as they used to, and that's usually because they're dirty. Product build up is also an issue too and this can just transfer onto your face. Sometimes my foundation doesn't seem quite the right colour and usually that's where some old foundation has oxidised on the brush and blends in with the new one. Urgh. Similarly applying light eyeshadows can often go wrong because they are placed on top of older, darker eye shadows.

Washing your brushes also helps for the longevity or not only for your brushes but your make up too. Clean brushes tend to pick up and absorb less product too, meaning less wasted foundation. And obviously giving your brushes some TLC makes them last longer, much like your clothes.

How I wash my brushes

Lots of brands like MAC and Bobbi Brown have their own brush cleaners they sell, but these are very expensive and in all honesty. I think they're a bit of a rip off. Baby shampoo or a Gentle Body wash are all you need really.

I use Sebamed face and body wash, which is supper gentle and uber foamy. There's no real scent which is great. Don't get me wrong I love a good fruity smell but not for my brushes. It's quite a thick liquid ( a bit like fairy liquid) so it really goes in and lifts all the grimy and dirt from the brushes. It's also great for you're actually face and body too as it helps build your skins natural defence system, but I do like to mix it with something fruity then.

So after popping a bit of this on the top, I rub the brush against a silicon brush cleaner, which gets it all foamy and rinse. A real easy 3 step routine.

Because I'm pretty crap at keeping on top of cleaning my brushes, I'm also quite choosey with the brushes I get. Brushes like Artis don't pick up as much products as other brushes, so will obviously need cleaning less. Whereas a Beauty blender (being a sponge) picks up a lot.

Anti Bacterial Brushes are also on the rise. Look good Feel Better do a fantastic range of super fluffy brushes, and if you are a little rubbish at cleaning your brushes this is a pretty good option. I'm going to save a full review of these for another time. But in terms of fighting acne- these are pretty good as you won't get as much bacteria being smoothered in your face.