January can be a hard time on all of us. With the weather being blue, work being a bit extra and our wallets looking a little bare. Here's a small selection of some lovely treats for under a tenner (nearer to a fiver)  helping you feel just that little better without hurting your bank account.

1. & Other Stories Hand cream: There's not much you can get for five pounds in &Other Stories, but their head cream is a little luxury. With the unique scent of Moroccan tea, it's an alternative hand cream to keep as a handbag essential.

2. Tanya Burr Palette Birthday Suite: Tanya Burr's make up range is fantastic value for money, if you're wanting to look for some more staple colours but you're on a budget, her eyeshadows are a great solution.

3. Stalk Scissors, Tiger: Tiger is the best place for just picking up little nick knacks. These scissors are great for trimming brows as well as looking very beautiful on my desk.

4. PS Sheer Stick: Of course some Primark beauty had to be on here. With rose gold packaging similar to many higher brands. The sheer sticks are moisturing and come in beautiful colours, great for this time of the year.

5. Lush's Lip scrub: Show your lips some needed TLC and buff away the dry skin caused by the harsh weather. The Mint's my favourite as it compliments most other lip balm flavours.

6. Lush's Whip stick: Follow up on the scrub with some intense lip balm, the cocoa version is also a great lip primer for darker lipsticks.

7. Primark Blanket: The background this is placed on is so soft and stylish ( although clearly not a beauty product!) For only £4- it's a great way to spruce up sofas, chairs and snuggle up too.