Well, well, well- It's now April. How on earth did that happen? At the start of the year I wrote a post about my New Years resolution and said I'd be reviewing them every few months.... here it is. And I ain't gonna sugarcoat.

Top: Boohoo 
Trackies: Adidas
Shoes: Topshop (similar) 
Headphones: Skinny dip

1. Stretch everyday for 15 minutes.


Safe to say this has not happened for at least a month. At least I'm writing this now to remind me, I'll get back on it.

2. Save 3K towards a house

Sadly, I think this target is going to be too high. At the start of the year I didn't realise that I'd actually end up doing another year of university. So without full time employment I don't see how it's going to happen, so I'm changing this to 1.5k instead.

3. Give Myself a Week a Day To Youtube/ Blog

I put this in to try and make me more organised and to be able to separate work from play a little, but I don't think this type of timing is going to work for me. If anyone at university has any advice on how they make time for their blogging let me know! 

4. Have 2 hours free of Social Media/ Youtube/ Phone a day 

This is something I'm really proud of! I started doing this actively for the first few weeks... then my phone broke and it wasn't working properly for ages so I just stopped reaching for it. Now I have a working one again, but I'm not using it as much at all. This isn't something I'm actively doing anymore but I'm just not using my phone as much. Lets hope it stays this way! 

5. Call my friends and family more often

Again, Success! I think I've been a lot better at keeping in contact with loved ones, again, it's now habit rather than a 'resolution' 

.... so 2/5 isn't too terrible? Especially as two need a little remodelling! I'll do this review in July next and by then I want to have stretching down.