Top: Topshop
Skirt: Mango

When I think of Greece I just think of the colour blue. Blue skies, blue sea so it made sense to wear some blue outfits!

I picked up these pieces separately and had no intention of wearing them together, but thought I'd try it, I'm still not sure though?

The skirt is a really pretty print and shape. It was from the sale rack in Mango, I know the photos here aren't that clear but there are flicks of orange in the flowers and it has a really soft ruffle going through the front but I'm finding it really hard to find something to match with it. Not so much the colour, but the shape. I fill like fitted top is a little boring but anything with ruffles might be a little too much?

The top is a super cute cropped, crotchet from Topshop. Its a fab shape with two little flamingos on. This piece is super easy to style and it goes with nearly everything, it's also fab to just throw over swimwear. However, I'm not sure it goes with this skirt? I think the frill at the top with the ruffle doesn't quite suite- what do you think?

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