Clothes shopping online is easy peasy and can be done from the comfort of your own bed, but the biggest problem is not knowing what the item looks like in real life and also on yourself.

I'm mildly embarrassed to say but I'm fairly certain I've cracked online shopping- I feel like I rarely return anything anymore! So here are some quick tips to save you from many trips to the post office.

Shoes: French Connection (similar)

1. Check Size Guides

There's no universal size guidelines companies have to follow- so check your measurements and their size guide too! And if you can't be bothered to do that have a look at youtube videos reviewing brands and see if they size up or down.

2. If it seems really cheap... there's probably a reason for it

If you see a white top for £10 and then a similar one for £5, there's a reason for it. Usually these are made a thinner material so will be see through and crinkly. I know it's tempting but trust me I've been there.

3.   Try see if you can see lining

Lining really changes an outfit. The dress I'm wearing in the photos is from and it is so well made. I really believe that the lining gives in that something extra too. It gives it a beautiful shape and at the same time stops it from being see through. It's really beautiful. Lining is usually key to a high quality item.

4. Imagine the item in a shop

Would you pick this up usually? Or are you being sucked in by the price? It's really easy to get carried away on the web, so ask yourself these questions. Similarly, when the items come don't just accept them because they're not terrible- return them if you wouldn't pick them up in store.

5. Check your current styles

If there's a clothing style you see and want but don't have there's probably a reason for it. As you can't try the clothes on it's worth seeing if you have similar styles already to see if they suite you.

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