Forest and Shore hair oil
Forest & Shore Hair Oil 

With changing the colour, it's no secret that my hair probably needs a bit more TLC than it used to. Bleaching your hair can take a toll, but if you look after it properly there's no need to be popping to the hair dressers each week to chop of your dead locks in an attempt to give them life. 

Having said this, I struggle to find a product that help damaged hair, which doesn't leave it heavy or slightly greasy. However, the Forest & Shore Hallelujah hair oil has given me a solution packaged together in a sophisticated glass bottle with a hell of a lot of essential oils. 

Forest and Shore hair oil
The product is 100% organic and cruelty free- so we're ticking some boxes straight away. If you really want to know all the ingredients you can go through them in you're free time but I will talk you through the main ones. The first is Olive Oil, which I've seen for years being suggested as a replacement to your regular condition due to it's vitamins (A and E) as well as it's antioxidants. Another is sesame, which I personally haven't seen in any hair or skin products before. However, this article does a great job at explaining all the benefits and now I completely see why it was included; it can help to protect against UV rays, stimulate growth, prevent dandruff- and that's to name just a few benefits! Of course it contains Coconut oil, which we all know and love. Arnica oil, which may sound familiar due to arnica cream often recommended to help bruising. It comes from a sunflower and is probably included due to the fact it's great for split ends. Finally it contains Rosemary and Lavender oil, which both strengthen hair and well as prevent hair loss. 

Now that the facts are all laid out, I'll give my opinion. I surprisingly really like this product. I was expecting my hair to feel greasy or heavy after using it and it just didn't. It feels softer, but I've only been using it for a week so it's too soon to say if my split ends are going to fix up. My favourite element is how this lightweight solution combats my frizz. Just using a few drops smooths my hair and gives it a much sleeker look, without the use of heat. It's also great for slicking back my hair if I want to wear I high ponytail. 

The only down side to this is probably the scent, but even this is subjective. Although there is a mixture of different oils, the smell of lavender really over powers the other essential oils. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I would have preferred something a little less strong with perhaps more of just a simple fresh scent. 

Overall I'm really thrilled with the product. I can't put enough emphasise on how ,if you use it correctly, it won't make your hair greasy. I only reiterate this because I've never found an oil which doesn't do this. After a week I am noticing some difference but I'm sure I'll see more repair with time to come. I'll be sure to update this post in a few weeks and report back. 

Forest and Shore hair oil