So the snow ball is an event which most uni's have. Kent's one is basically another night at Venue but Spencer Matthews decided to rock up. HOWEVER WE ALL GOT DRESSED UP WOOO. If you have been so kind enough to watch my winter haul you would've seen I talked about a beautiful bargain dress from Misguided- well this is what it looks like on.

 I can only apologise for my location choice. But this was the only place of which I can find a full length mirror. The dress was £25 from Misguided. An absolute bargain. For one night I was not willing to spend over £30 on a dress which I will probably never wear again. However I spent even less on a dress which I will probably wear again. Universities always put on events where you can dress up nicely at the end of terms. The simplicity of this dress means I can wear it over and over again without people asking 'oh didn't you wear that dress for XY and Z?'
The dress is sort of equivalent to a blank campus with a very sexy shape. It's nude colour and style makes it very understated and easy to dress in many different ways. Misguided style it with a belt, which could be nice for dinners on holiday.

However for an event I left it plain and wore some flipping amazing heels from LK Bennett. These are possibly the nicest pair of shoes I may ever own. The vast amount of colours actually mean they match more things. This print is incredible and will always remain pretty. The cut out makes them incredibly comfortable- I have quite wide feet and so this gives me more room- although it is quite a high heel it is very wearable. If you want to invest in a shoe, I'd make it this.

Thanks for reading! Let me know your opinions on the pieces above :)

N x