That title sounds like a contradiction right? But how many times have you had a free day, had loads to do and then realise you've done nothing. For me it happens more than you know! Being a student it's hard to make yourself productive, I only have six hours of lectures a week, so making my own structure is just a little tricky. Here are my tips at making sure you get things done:

1. Get a hobby/ job/ past time
Have you heard of the saying 'if you want a job done, give it to a busy person'. THERE IS JUST TOO MUCH TRUTH IS THIS SAYING. So make yourself a little busier, I work part time and obviously have my blogging and youtube hobby. Having these things applies just that little more pressure on me.

2. Make a list
It's the oldest trick in the book but it really helps to give you structure and there's nothing more satisfying then crossing through a list. The main danger of this is you put too much to do at once down. So if your feeling overwhelmed make lists for a longer period of time, for example write a list for the week- then day by day select a few things from the list to do. 

3. Use timers 
When you have lots to do in a lot of time it's very easy to dibble and dabble between tasks and get none actually done. To help keep concentration I set myself a timer and will only focus on that task for that amount of time. I find it also drives me to try and get as much of that task done as possible.

4. Don't lie in too long
Much as I love sleeping in I always find I am far too tired and lazy to do any work if I sleep in excess. Ideally you shouldn't sleep past 9- I tend to get up at ten and that seems to work well for me- it also means I don't miss breakfast which is crucial for any busy day.

5. Get ready!! 
It sounds obvious but just get out of your pjs! Do your hair and make up but again set yourself an allowance on how long your going to do this for. You'll feel ready for the day ahead of you. 

Do you stick to any of these tips above? Have any of these now helped you? Let me know in the comments below 

N x