Saving money is one of my biggest struggles. In the words of madonna I am a material girl living in a material world and I have to keep up with all the cost that come with it. However I have learnt ( from past mistakes) that you SHOULD have savings as a safety net- even if you do have a steady income.

The only way I can save is if I think about it daily so I somehow needed to incorporate it into my life. The solution to this was all too clear, I need know how much money I have on demand and I can do this via my phone. 

One money related app led to another and now I know so many I can even write about it! So this is what I use To keep my bank balance in check. 

Personal banking apps 

This is practically a given. Keeping tabs on how much you've spent can really open your eyes as to how quickly you get through money. With your bank's mobile app yu have no excuse to never be sure of what your balance is. It's your bread and butter of saving. 

This post is about saving money not making it ( and certainly not spending it!) but before you make a purchase check out eBay. Particularly with make up there may be the same product of there for half the price! Recently I wanted to purchase the too faced chocolate bar eyeshadow palette, in stores it retails at £45 but on eBay I got in bnib for just £22 as it was a factory sample. I could then put the £33 into my savings. Just be careful and make sure you read reviews beforehand.

saving goals

I also work better when targets are set and the brilliant thing about the savings goals app ( just 79p) is you can see how much your progress. The visual stimuli have a physiological effect which make you feel guilty if you see the money decrease.

Free log

Ever seem to eat your way through your money and then wonder where did it all go? Well the spending log can tell you! It's an easy way to log your spending habits and compare it to your income
For that month. It also allows you to sort your spending into categories so that you can see how much money is going where  and what you should cut down on spending. It helped me realised how much I spent on food out- and not even proper meals! I'm talking about coffees and lunches etc, I now know not to carry on with those habits and pack a lunch. 

That's it for now folks! If you'd like to see more of these posts let me know and if you now download any of them also let me know how you get on! Please note none of this is sponsored ( there's no way I have enough of a following for that! ) these are apps i genuinely use. 

Thanks, N x