Don't be fooled by the title, this isn't a post in defense of Ms. Hopkins somewhat obscure ways, but I bet that's why you're reading it. Which actually leads beautifully to my point.

You probably gave this post attention because you disagreed with it, you were intrigued by my possible controversial content, maybe you wanted to argue with me and defend you're reasons to complain. This title grabbed your attention because it invoked something, not because you liked what I'm saying. 

Every time you click on tweet, article, link on facebook, you are giving people's opinions who you may not necessarily agree with a chance to be heard, to have more publicity then it deserves and above all make that person a talking matter or in the age of social media 'A trending topic'. Keeping them relevant.

This post isn't necessarily about Katie Hopkins in particular, but she is a prime example of someone who's managed to stay famous via shock tactics. Let's remember that Katie is above everything a BUSINESS woman, just currently her business is herself. She's not a politician, nor a spokeswoman on the modern age but has somehow become one, despite the fact the the majority of people don't agree with her. She's intelligent and knows exactly what to say and when to say it in order to drum up the most attention.

But as I said this post wasn't about Katie and neither is it a bash against everything she says, some of what she says I actually agree with (although not the majority!). It's mainly about rewarding bad behaviour. If a child is throwing a temper tantrum, what do you do? Do you give them plenty of attention until they stop- no! It encourages them to do it again and again. However, putting them in a room until they calm down teaches them that irrational behaviour doesn't get attention. Sure they may try it again but eventually they'll stop. By keeping these views in the media you are giving them attention and from that thousands of pounds. Of course Hopkins isn't going to stop because of a few hate comments, especially  when she's making a very nice living off of it.

The same applies for musicians, remember Miley Cyrus's song wrecking ball? It was all over the news because she took her clothes off. That video got over 786 MILLION views and counting. I doubt I would've even watched the video had I not want to see what all the fuss was about. Again this isn't a diss against Miley, I don't really care if people decide to get naked a lick sledge hammers in their own time (each to their own right?).

Any shocking video/ comment you see in the press is most of the time a calculated business plan to drum up big bucks, and if you don't agree with that then stop rewarding it. Don't read articles that make you angry, spend the little time you have on doing something productive. Secondly, don't start spreading hate either via social media, telling someone to kill them self via the internet is never cool.

Sorry for the out of place post by the way, I just wanted to address this. Let me know your thoughts please x