I've never really jumped on the MAC lipstick bandwagon. Even though I think that the colours are beautiful, packaging is superb and products perfectly finished; I just struggle to see why I should spend £15 on a lipstick which I know won't stay on for over half an hour. This isn't just aimed at MAC lipsticks either- I find no matter how expensive, well branded, or long lasting a lipstick claims to be, it just won't stay on my mouth. However the pure prettiness and wear-ability of the soar & please me lippy duo just may change my attitude towards lipsticks completely.

I really despise myself for this next quote but soar is the new whirl. ( said like a MAC junkie). But seriously this lipliner is amazing, it glides on like a dream. And the colour is just  ideal for most lipsticks, its dark but not too dark. With plum undertones it is the ideal colour for this time of year. The beauty of this lip liner is that it works with so many colours, weather you want to soften a brown or make a pink bold- it will work.
Just 'Please me' 
Please me has an incredibly girly feel to it, but it is not too much in your face. This pink shade is cute but doesn't scream girly girl, in a weird way it's a pink for grown ups. Especially when paired with soar. The lipliner helps mattify and tone down the pink, giving it a Mauve Shade. Lips look full but not over done. This duo compliments warm toned eyeshadows perfectly.

As I said at the beginning, I'm not one for expensive lipsticks. But for nights out I feel like this will really pull together a make up look, and considering most nights outs girls spend half the time in the toilets (especially when clubbing) I'll be reapplying it a lot.