Over Christmas dinner this year, my family and I discussed what we were most grateful for this year and each one of us said our health and each other's health and well-being. I think we are all guilty of taking this for granted and it is only when we lose it, we become grateful.

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When I first started blogging I was off for two weeks with sick leave after a laparoscopy which was to try and diminish endometriosis- or what they thought it was anyway. For years I was in agony with period pains; vomiting, passing out and even a trip to A and E with a false alarm of a Eutopic pregnancy due to my pain. Due to some other symptoms the Dr's believed I had Endometriosis, a condition where the womb lining secretes lining to attach to other organs, causing contractions as painful as those experienced during childbirth every month, I then underwent a laparoscopy to see if they could find any tissue, remove it and put in a coil to stop my periods. However they didn't and they still didn't know what was causing my period pains. And unfortunately, for some unknown reason, my recovery period of 'two weeks' ended up being a recovery period of two months. I bled for a month and was in constant pain so trying to feed myself was tricky and my weight dropped to 6 and a half stone. 

Eventually my pain stopped and by snacking on nuts I managed to gain my weight back. It was such a relief to feel well again, However, the dilemma of my periods still remained. They were still very painful  and continued even with the coil with what seemed no solution in sight. It really frustrated me when Drs would say ' oh that good they didn't find anything' And I'd be sat there thinking, well not really because I still have all the symptoms but none of the solutions! Eventually I went back to the hospital where the gynecologist told me that I DID have endometriesis, it's just very little is known about it and the lining may just not be visible to the naked eye. I also had a hormone imbalance which is why my periods continued- so the pill and the coil and now working together to stop that!

I'm so grateful that this problem is now going to be left in 2015- I'm sure you ladies who suffer know that feeling ill for a week once a month isn't very fun! And can be very restricting. Sorry if this came across as whining and making me sound like I think I'm hard done by, that really wasn't my intention! It was just a little annecdote to say how grateful I am that everyone I know is healthy and due to the fantastic NHS I'm able to start next year completely well, the most priceless gift.