It is no secret I enjoy a good party. And one of the places I would love to go partying is the Voodoo Rooftop hotel at the top of the Rio in Vegas. There's no dance floor which means dancing on the tables is acceptable and expected! Which tend to do anywhere anyway... where acceptable or not! 

Dress: Misguided
Necklace: Mirina Collections (use Brondegirl for 20% off site wide)
Shoes: Topshop

What could be better for partying in Vegas than a a black feathered dress with a sparkly necklace! It's just so glamours. The Rio hotel has a Brazilian theme which is captured by the feathers in this dress but the black, sophisticated fit means it's also suited for the 100,000 sq ft casino the hotel also has to offer. These shoes are basically my babies with everything I love with a shoe, leopard print, kid leather. cut out and lace up. CUTE.

Use Brondegirl for 20% off mirina collecions site wide (Necklace) 

I hope you like my outfit! I always love looking at places across the world for outfit inspirations, especially when it's so grey here in the UK! If you want some outfit inspiration be sure to check out as well as their hotel section. The interiors of the hotels and bars will probably not only give you fashion ideas but home ones too.