Trousers: Topshop
Top: Primark
Shoes: Adidas
Jacket: Topshop
Sunglasses: Amazon

I'm finally on my Easter holiday! Well I say holiday, it's actually a month of part time work plus revision for those dreaded exams. But (and believe it or not) I don't actually mind either too much as long as it's not too overwhelming, I personally much prefer exams over course work. 

After a very busy, busy week of ten thousands words I finally can live like a regular human being, eat at regular times, adhere to a sleeping pattern which isn't nocturnal....

The Title seems a little funny to this OOTD, I am well aware. Pinkprint by Miss Nicki Minaj has been my go to album for Revision/Work since university has basically started. Something about it makes me incredibly productive- possibly the mixture of fast and slow paced songs.

The outfit in this picture in currently my go to, I've been living in my Navy Stan Smiths recently not it's slowly going out on boot season, but not quite ready for flip flops yet! These trousers from Topshop I think I wore as many times as possible before they were unacceptable to wear as they needed a wash. They are so versatile!

Although in this post I'm just wearing the trousers with a plain black top and a biker jacket, I've been styling them with literally everything. From chunky jumpers, to a white shirt, to bright coloured tops and just the basics. These are a treat and probably the best purchase I've made this season.

One of the good things about being back home is I have way more resources for blogging/youtube! My room here is generally a lot lighter and having a mummy who does crafting really helps with blog posts, and maybe even a little DIY video? Who knows! But I hope this Easter I can have a successfully youtube/blogging period.

I felt like this was an incredibly boring post! But you know, that's what's going on currently. Hope you are all well and staying positive.
N x