Bourjois is a brand I always look at and think 'oh, how pretty' but for some reason or other not one I usually purchase from. However, when I was on the hunt for a lippy for a Great Gatsby Ball. I though that there Matte lipstick in Nude 07 would be the perfect shade and texture.

I'm still on the fence with this product if I'm completely honest but I've heard different shades are different qualities. This shade is, well ok. It has it's Pro's and Con's.

Let's start with the positive. The colour of this is just gorgeous (although probably not nude like it says on the product) its borderline red and pink, I can't put my finger on which though. However it's great if you don't quite want that Marilyn Monroe Red lip look, but still want to have some colour which isn't a bright pink.

It is an actually matte colour too. Although it takes a while to dry, when it does it sinks into your lips an looks like a real lip stain. With some lip products I find that they just tend to sit on your lips and never properly stick. This of course helps with the longevity of the product which in another one of it positive attributes.

That being said the fact it sinks into your lips makes this products very, very drying. And although the longevity is great, that's only if it doesn't completely dry out your lips and cause bits to flake off.
There's also the issue that it takes a long time to dry. It's paint like thick texture is very prone to smudging (and actually is after it's dried) and because it is such a deep colour it's pretty obvious when it smudges. The very thick texture and quite wide brush means it's also very difficult to apply without getting it somewhere it shouldn't!

The product retails at £8.99 and so although it's not the most expensive, it's not the cheapest drug store lipstick either. Although I won't be purchasing this shade again, it hasn't put me off all of this range! I've heard that some of the darker ones aren't as good as the lighter, so maybe I'll be giving those a try and then can write a comparison post.