Recently a lovely representative from Rodan + Fields sent me over some samples of their skincare products. There brand wasn't one I'd heard of before but seeing their lip capsules advertised in Glamour I knew I had to give them a go!

The Lip Plumping Capsule:
This was by far my favourite out of all the products. I have combination skin but my lips seem to always feel the cold and become overly dry a lot of time- not ideal when plump lips seem to be the thing at the moment! I used this capsule before a night out as I was applying some matte lipstick and it did a fantastic job of making sure my lips stayed hydrated all night, and the morning after (even if the rest of me felt like death!). Without having to buff away my dry skin the serum like formula smoothed by lips and plumped them. Although in one go I didn't get Kylie Jenner size lips, I can see how these after a while of use, can give you full lips.

Micro-Dermabrasion Paste:
When I opened this packet I was expecting a powder which would turn up into a paste. However, it was a gel like substance with little grains in. This product is not recommended for sensitive skin, so I was expecting a really vigorus scrub which would remove all my dry skin. However, I found that it wasn't as strong as I'd hope. The scrub did get away the top layer of skin, but I feel it didn't really give me much of a deep cleanse, it smelt like a dream, but was sadly nothing too special.

Night renewing Serum
For such a heavy product, it wasn't particularly greasy. I used it after the paste and my skin really absorbed most of it. However, I didn't really get that refreshing feel which I usually love from Serums. My skin did feel very soft the next day and was rather 'glowy'. However, one of the main perks from Serums which I enjoy, is the instant cooling on my skin, which this just lacked.

Overall Rodan and Fields product aren't that bad! I just think there skin care products are aimed at slightly more mature ladies and their skin. Come to winter months I will definitely been purchasing the lip plumping capsules though!