Other than mascara, concealer is probably my most used product. Yet it's something I don't want to spend lots on. I tend to use a lot at a time as a highlight and for an item where you don't get that much product due to their sizing, I can't be spending £20-£30 each time! So I've been testing and trying concealers to find my top choice, I couldn't decide on just one though! So these are my top three.

1. Maybeline Eraser Concealer- The best for spots

The bloggers holy grail product. The Maybeline Eye was a obvious choice for my top 3 concealers. Designed for erasing under eye dark circles, The formulation means no creasing and does lighten the darkest of places. It's silky smooth texture means I think it's best for covering up spots! Not its main purpose at all. It glides over bumps masking them without any cakey-ness.

2. Rimmel Match Perfection- Highlighting and coverage

I don't think I've seen anyone talk about this product before, and I don't know why! To me this is the near PERFECT all in one concealer. It brightens, highlights and gives such a good coverage. The lighter shades work beautifully for contouring, and I'm really tempted to try a darker shade for my dark contour. The product is very thick, as thick as it can be without being classed as a cream! In. Love.

3. Rimmel Wake me up Concealer- For warmth

Although it's not the highest coverage, the name rings true and the warm undertones add some brightness to you face and warm you up. The shades are very close to their foundation shades, so it's not one to use for contouring or highlighting but gives a very natural glow.

I hope you enjoyed this Drugstore edit, I've recently been getting more into drugstore products and getting to see what's best for different looks, with concealers in particular, there's never one look for all!