Usually I like to write about certain issues, life events and advice when I'm posting an outfit photo but I think this time I'm just going to talk about the clothes! I love to chat about the pieces I bought and how I want to style them. Plus you could win a voucher for the watch, Courtesy of JORD watches,  which I'm wearing in this OOTD! 

I rarely wear jewellery so think I'll address this first, I'm not the best when it comes to accessorise with it, I usually forget or break it! But when the neck line is either very high or low I think a necklace is imperative. The necklace I'm wearing in this outfit was actually a piece I picked up in New York at the H&M Sale for just a couple of dollars, but it's been so handy since and goes with just about anything!

A watch is always an essential for me too. For years I've worn a staple rose gold Michael Kors watch but after years the battery gave up on me a few months ago. So it was more than perfect timing when JORD WoodWatch asked if I'd like to recieve one of their watches! I picked out this beautiful sandle wood watch, with a stunning mother of pearl face- such an understand piece. I was even happier when they suggested doing a giveaway with my readers!

I have always wanted to do a giveaway on my blog and give my readers a chance to win something and when I hit a goal (probably 1000 on Bloglovin) I look forward to shopping around for prizes! Right now however, I am thrilled to be offering my readers a chance to win a $75 Dollar gift card for Jord Wood Watch! To enter just follow this link- each entry is wins a $20 E Card whatever they get! Don't be put off it you're an English reader either- the delivery super quick.
Continuing with the rest of the outfit... The skirt I picked up the other week in Topshop Oxford street, I really like the Neoprene perforated texture, but the main thing that sold it to me was the shape. I ADORE Aline and the wrap around is so great because it doesn't restrict movement either.

Can you guess what brand my top is? (kidding) This is an old Rita Ora piece, I haven't gone to crazy on the athelesiure look but this piece I really enjoy. This look is a bit more street wear for me, although in the grand scheme of things I'm sure it's still not really classed as street wear at all.  Although I'm also wearing my beloved Stan Smiths!

Some stolen goods are also making an appearance in this outfit ( just from my mum , stay calm), I felt I needed a back pack to complete the look and her one from Topshop did just this. The sunglasses are also part of her collection, or they were at least.

I hope you enjoyed this little OOTD! And please don't forget to enter the competition if you'd like to win the voucher- it's completely free to enter and you're bound to win at least $20 Dollar e- voucher! You can eye up their whole collection here: