It's back! The heat that is. Some people love the heat and I do enjoy it to an extent, but in all honesty I'm an Autumn Winter baby. I just feel very drowsy and irritable in the heat. Make up and beauty is also a little harder, we generally don't want to wear heavy make up because of our pours getting clogged up and it's difficult wearing less as it just tends to rub off!

Carrying make up around can be a pain so it's important to narrow it down to a handful of essentials and here are mind to keep my face looking a little lively throughout the day.

1. Glamour Magazine 
Technically not a beauty product but it's such a handy size and great for a quick tube read. Also works well as fan.

2. L'Oreal Magique Foundation Cushion ( Full review here)
Lightweight in both the packaging and the foundation style it's ideal to pop in your bag. With it's own applicator it's just ideal.

3. Cargo Matte Bronzer 
Being pale it's hard to find bronzers that don't look orange on me. This one from CARGO is fabulous. The light is actually light enough, it's matte so as well as warming up your face it gives a slight contour. But the best part? It's Waterproof.

4. Mac Hip n Happy Lip Liner
This is just the perfect pink to make my lips look a little plumper and prettier.

5. Etude House underlash Mascara 
In the Heat my Mascara tends to just rub off. I like the Korean Etude House one for the bottom lash line just to tidy up my lashes and give a little bit more extra volume where needed at the roots and the tips. The tiny size means it's so precise I can just coat the bits which have flaked off.

6. Cargo CC cream 
Sun protection is so important. having a fair few moles and being rather pale I'm a big advocate for sun protection and as this has a tint and of course colour correction is great. Mixing this with a a lightweight foundation can actually give you a fab full coverage without the cake.

7. Dr.PAW PAW original 
Being a multipurpose balm this is so handy at keeping the make up bag to a minimum! It fab as a lip balm and also for keep my unruly brows in place. But with this weather the main thing I'm using it for is to soothe bites!

8. Aquatize 
A completely natural sanitising water. It's kills off all bacteria using just water and an acid found in the body. Allegedly you can ever drink it! It's lovely and cooling and it great for spritzing on your face as well as your hands.

9. My Passport
For all the sponteous countries I travel too. Jokes. I can't drive, I need it for I.D.