It's pretty unbelievable that in under a year's time now, my education life will be over. Everyone says this, but my time at university has gone so fast. Now it's time for dissertations and job applications. Quite scary really.

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When I started university I felt quite mature for my age, but the experience has made me grow up so much. But not in the way I expected it too. Most think that when you start university, cooking for yourself and doing all your washing and paying for everything will be the biggest challenge, but really it isn't.

Of course I dread doing my washing and there have been nights where I just want don't want to cook so get take out instead, but I feel that's pretty normal. So in that sense of 'growing up' I don't really felt like my maturity levels changed massively, other than the fact I became super grateful and in awe of how much my parents do for me.

What did change me however, was the diversity of people I met. All with completely differentiating views. I live in a town called Guildford and it's a lovely place to live, but I didn't realise how sheltered and in how much of a bubble I was in living here. Which sounds naive now. But my school had 2000 students so I thought  I'd have a good idea.

A huge part of Uni is having your views challenged and accepting that your social or political views are not the only views and not always the correct ones. And I really think taking the time to have those discussions makes you mature and become more respectful of other's, So if you are going to uni in the next few weeks and bare this in mind. Also don't shoot down other's views because you don't agree with them, it makes you look quite dumb actually. Challenge their points but don't just yell yours louder. AND, having different political views to people doesn't mean you can't be friends or don't get along with people either.

So what are my plans for third year? To be honest, just have a great year. I really do need to start treating it like a 9-5, but hopefully after working this summer I'll be able to keep that up. It sounds so corny but I really don't want to have any regrets this year and look back thinking ' oh if only I had done this'. Being my final year I need to go see other friends at their uni's while I still can.

This will also be my first full year of not really drinking. And I'm actually really looking forward to it. My hangovers were so awful they'd actually stop me from going out as the next day would be a complete write off for me. It actually makes more sense for me not to drink to be honest. I'll probably go out more and still have the next day to do things.

These were just a few musings on the upcoming year. It's a little all over the place but I think what I want to say is, it's my last year and I just want to make the most of it. In all ways.