I'm really struggling to know what to post at the moment. Not so much in terms of reviewing products, routines etc. But creating original content and also not sure what to do in terms of  fashion is a little tricky.

When I started this blog, my outfit posts would literally be about my clothes. How I'm styling new in pieces, if they were a bargain, what was the outfit etc etc. Now when I post outfit photos it's just to accompany a life update or personal post about what's going on. Which I do enjoy as it gives my blog more of a personal touch.

Although I do somehow want to maintain personal updates, I'd still rather have this blog based on fashion and styling. I wanted and still do to make this place on the internet somewhere that people can look at reviews and see what clothes there are out there for good prices and so on. Almost more like an online magazine but with one author.

However, there is so much more to me than just fashion and beauty. This is just one aspect of my life. I do want to talk about political and social issues on here and I do want to be able to give updates on my life and about what I've been doing, as well as money and lifestyle advice.

The simple answer is to just do both. But free time doesn't always allow this. Any bloggers know that a blog post takes time, and any ones who blog about fashion know how hard it is to get images, especially if you can't see yourself in the Camera. I aim to do one outfit post a week but it usually ends up being an outfit post once every two weeks!

This isn't a rant as such, it's more of a question. Do any other bloggers struggle to make their blog personal but also what they wanted to do? Should I make it mainly fashioned based then once a month post about the most interesting events which have happened?

I'd love to do weekly updates with images of what's happened. But most of my week is ' I went to the library and went out this week' it's just not that interesting to look at! Perhaps I could change this Life updates to lessons I learnt this week?

Any advice would be really really appreciated down below on how I should go about this. I'll be changing my theme soon too, to give it more of a magazine style I think. What are your thoughts?