We live in an age of 'detox'. We have skin detoxes, caffeine detoxes, drink detoxes, gluten detoxes....And if it's not a detox, it's a cleanse. The Juice cleanse, the tea cleanse, the technology cleanse. We just love to get rid of certain elements to improve different aspects of our lives.
Unwash Travel kit
Plate: Anthropologie 

Something we don't hear much about, is a hair 'cleanse'. Unwash is meant to do this and promises to b (in their words) 'break the harsh cycle of shampoo, rinse and repeat. With a more modern up to date method of washing hair.'

So I decided to put this to the test using their travel kit and see if I noticed any difference in my hair...

Before I go into the actual product, let's talk about what bloggers love to talk about the most. The packaging. LOVE IT. I love the black and white theme with the illustrated style on it and then topped with a pastel coloured lid. It looks like a luxury product. ( Even though it's not that expensive!)

The smell of these is also amazing. The products have coconut and babassu oils- I'm not sure if this is what gives this the smell, but something is making the scent just delicious.

So how do the products work? They claim to make hair care more simplified, reduce drying time, gently cleanse and give healthier hair of course. As I was testing out the three products- I'll give you a run down on each one and what I though!

Bio Cleanser: Out of all the products this is my favourite! My hair felt in a word- cleansed. Lightweight and just clean. Soft and silky- just everything it feels like straight after the salon. The package recommends to use this regularly, but I really only need to use it once a week. My hair is in pretty good condition so I like to use this just to reset the system!

Anti Residue Cleanse: Again, I liked this product- my hair did feel amazing afterwards but I really do not need it for my hair. This is an intense treatment and probably works better for hair which is completely bleached, or incredibly limp. This is recommended once a week but I probably only need it once a month or if my hairs gone through a tough time!

Hydrate Masque: This is the one product I wouldn't considering purchasing for myself. It was too heavy and very difficult to wash out, when I tried it the first time (with anti residue) It just wouldn't wash out. And left my hair very greasy! I again used it (but by itself this time) and again, I just don't think my shower is powerful enough to get it out. I really think this is for incredibly dry hair (which mine is not) so I wouldn't be using this again!

Overall I really like the principle of unwash. I love the brand concept and how it presents itself. The Bio cleanser is a miracle worker and the Anti Residue is a real hair rescuer! Unfortunately I don't think the hydrate Masque is quite right for me. I'd be really interested to know how these products work on other hair types, particularly afro hair. If you're looking for a gift for anyway who loves to style and play around with their hair- this is the perfect gift!  I know I'd love to receive it underneath my tree.