I always think to myself ' I have really strong healthy hair, I can miss not styling/ looking after it properly this one time'. Well the truth is I don't! I just have a really good hair routine. My hair is very course, kinks quite a lot (but isn't curly) and very thick. It's dyed and requires quite a bit of styling. So it's essential I fit products into my hair styling and drying routine.

I hate washing my hair. It stays wet for hours makes me cold and I just don't like it. It's such a hassle. So I try to keep up this hair routine so I can do it as little as possible! I like to wash with L'oreal Elvive shampoo  and condition, in my opinion nothing from the drug store can match it. It leaves my hair feeling silky, clean and smelling divine. I seriously can't recommend it enough. When its dry I like to spritz some Dr.PawPaw 7 in 1 hair treatment, it's designed for all sorts but I tend to use it as a detangler, I literally just spray this into areas where my hair gets very knotty. Because I have an ombre hair style, I do need something to protect my colour just at the ends. For this I use Tints of Nature Leave in Conditioner. It doesn't make my hair greasy in the slightest and I actually notice a real difference with how vivid my colour looks too! I give it all a brush and then a blowdry. When it's damp I then go in with a heat protector. I'm so so fussy with heat protectors and thank god I finally found one I love. Blow out by sexy hair, it makes my hair feel so smooth and really limits breakage.

After this I strike with my straighteners! I really take my time with it as the styling should last me at least two days! However, on the third day I go through the ends with my straighteners again and smooth down with a bit more Dr. Paw Paw hair treatment.

Do you have a set hair routine?