I am a pale lady, and I embrace this. As long as I have some blusher and concealer to help me look a little alive. But on nights out, especially as I like to wear either black or white- I do like a bit of tan! Especially with the harsh flash of Nighttime photography.

Norvell tanning spray
Norvell 360 Sunless

This post is going to be a bit of a mixture. A review embedded into a routine! Reading reviews over and over again (and writing them for that matter) can get quite monotonous. Especially when they're products you use regularly! So this is going to be about how and why I now use Norvel* to fake tan.   Fake tanning is a fine art. It's hard to either not look patchy, orange or reek of the stuff! A Long time ago, one of my first posts was my fake tan routine- I've upgraded since then! This is how I like to apply tan now.

1. Have a HAWT Shower the morning you want to tan and exfoliate.

The smoother the surface, the easier the tan will blend. So buff away all the dead skin and don't forget the neglected areas like your elbows and knees! If you're shaving, exfoliate before and then apply a lot of shower gel to glide that razor over. My favourite exfoliater at the moment is Simply Argan Coffee and Argan oil scrub. It gets rid of the dry skin but also moisturisers at the same time. Do this early in the day so you skin isn't irritated when you apply the tan. Moisturiser your body and wait.

2. Choosing your tan.

My current favourite fake tan is Norvell 360 spray, it doesn't smell like fake tan but actually smells pretty fruity. However, it comes out slightly green, but do not be alarmed!!! Do you remember when colour correcting was a huge deal? (the red lipstick to cover bags, CC creams... yes, that trend) Essentially that's what the green particles are for. They counteract the ' orange' in the tan (since they're opposite each other in the colour wheel) leaving you just a golden brown! The spraying device makes it easy to get to the hard places too. What's more is, this stuff does not budge with just water. Meaning you have a spray tan for days.

3. Application

Norvell tanning spray
Norvell 360 Spray

You can never go wrong with a mitt. Really anywhere will do for this. But for those awkward areas, I really like to use a cheap ' artis' style brush- This one is the largest from My Make Up Brush Set. It applies like foundation and gives a nice even coverage. A Cheap make up blender can also work really well for problem areas so that the tan isn't blotchy.



4. The Finishing touches

A bit of glitter never hurt anyone? Apply some shimmer to areas you really want to show off, the side of the thighs looks great as does the collar bone. Baby oil also gives a really glowy, sultry look for the party season.

Do you fake tan all year round? Or just for special occasions?