I think I've mentioned this before, and if I haven't on here I have on my youtube- I have really ashy brows. Finding a colour to match these is hard. Eyeshadows and Pencils usually get redder the darker they get, so having relatively dark eyebrows with grey undertones  is tricky. But I'm slowly finding products (after many disasters) which work for my brows, in all forms!

The Soap and Glory archery brown pencil has had a lot of praise from youtubers and bloggers, some even calling it a dupe for Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow whizz. The product itself is great but the best thing about it for me is the colour. I use the shade brownie points and it's a pretty good match. A light ashy brown, particularly good for speedy brows. Another product I've been loving is this light brown duo by fab brows, finally a powder which isn't chocolatey! It's easy to blend into my actual brows and where the tail is particularly thin, creates hair lines beautifully. What's more is the packaging is beautiful! It arrives in a gold parcel and the palette is also a soft gold, with a mirror, brush and a few eyebrow stencils included. It's super portable and provides you with an often much needed mirror in your make up bag. I do have a discount code too! (Non affiliate) If you use ' Bronde Girl' you can get £5 off.

Drugstore Brow pomades are hard to find in any shade. Not many brands even stock them. And if they do they're not great, and if they are good they come in about two shades. NYX have a new (ish) brow pomade out which only comes in a few shades but luckily one is good if you have dark brown ashy brows- sadly I couldn't find my pot anywhere! So I'll be popping to Boots to stock up this weekend to get the shade Brunette.

My brows are too gappy to just use a gel to fill them in- so I like to use one on top to keep them in place. This blonde coloured one from L'oreal is great for keeping my brows in place. The colour isn't perfect, however with slightly cooler tones it give my brows some texture and blends well with pomades.

What do you use on your brows? Do you ever struggle with colour matching?

Don't forget that if you're after a great eyebrow shadow or plenty of other products to use the discount code Bronde Girl on fab brows.