The whole of the internet is screaming about body confidence at the moment  and to love yourself no matter what size you are but while it's easy to say these things, we all still have our hang ups.

Swimwear: River Island
*Disclaimer* In this picture I have used a smooth tool around my upper leg as I have some slight discolouration and I'm a little worried about it look like my bikini line on the internet!
I've worked in retail for about 6 years now where I style more mature women and the main request I have from them is ' I want to cover....' Whether this be ' Can I have a dress that covers my knees?' ' I need something for my arms I really can't stand how saggy they are'

I can completely understand that certain jobs have dress codes where they need to cover up but it is so frustrating to see women hung up on one aspect of their bodies and let it completely dictate what they wear.

If you know you're guilty of focusing on one aspect, rather than the whole picture- try make this an aspect you really like about yourself. Instead of wondering if this piece will hide your flaws, ask ' Will it show off the features I love? '

Choose something you love about yourself, for me it's my upper thighs, and focus on buying clothes which will show this off. This small attitude change can help change your shopping experience.
I'm not saying that all your body confidence worries will be gone but when I say to customers ' What features do you want to exectuate' I see how their confidence grows and whole shopping experience does too.