New Blog style, new blog name, new hair and most importantly a new blog direction!

I haven't blogged in nearly a year and that's not one single reason for it other than I didn't want to make time for it. It's been a stressful year to stay the least and it's honestly not that I've had time for blogging, but that I didn't want to actively make time for it. I've said several times that  I was struggling to find a niche for this blog. I really enjoy writing about fashion and beauty but it's not just what I wanted this to be.

My youtube channel has a few university based videos, and all of a sudden, they're getting quite a few hits. People were actually finding what I spoke about to be useful. And it became obvious what I should be writing about. So with that, this blog will still be about fashion but additionally with an emphasis on University lifestyle. This means more affordable fashion and a lot more university advice. This will be anything from easy university meals to housing advice.

Affordable fashion will also help to give this blog a new direction, each week I'll be putting together the 'Best of new in' edits for brands students like to shop at, but can take a while to sieve through. As well as a weekly clothing dupes section, like beauty dupes but for clothes!

There will be more to come, but at the moment I'm really excited for where this blog direction will go.

Below is a video I published around 9 months ago, and is currently doing quite well by my standards! It's advice on what not to bring to university and this is the sort of content you can expect to be seeing more of on here. Enjoy!