Well, well, well- we knew this day would have to come, but none of us wanted it too. Urban Decay have announced that after Eight years the Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette is being discontinued in a rather dramatic video with beauty Gurus holding a funeral for the cult product.

The Naked range was one of the first products that got me excited about make up, and since then it's been an expensive downward spiral into becoming a beauty addict. But at least this addiction won't kill me slowly! (Just my bank account). At the time the palette was groundbreaking, it provided all the basic shades without being crazy expensive and widely available. With the huge boom in the beauty industry I feel like UD has gone off the map a little bit, but best believe that their products really helped to kickstart the online beauty revolution.

Naked 1 was the OG Palette, let's have a look back and remind ourselves why so many went out and purchased it, even if they hadn't purchased an eyeshadow palette before.

*please note, this isn't really a review. It's more of a run down on this beauty staple, doing a full review doesn't make much sense seeing as the product is being discontinued and there are literally 100s of reviews already on the palette. 

Virgin- A light champagne colour. Best applied with fingers for that extra pigmentation. Beautiful for inner eye highlight, under the brow and for lightening other colours. 

Sin- A pinker version of virgin. Again great for the same purpose as virgin, compliments Toasted and Hustle as an easy three part look. 

Naked- Probably the palette's most important shade. The perfect brown nude, great for using as your main crease colour and is quite cool. 

Sidecar- A very shimmery cool mid brown colour. Good as a main lid colour and for lining your lower lash line with. 

Buck- A Matte, Rich, warm, Mid brown. Great for deepening the crease but also paired with Naked makes a great, easy, neutral eye. You can add one of the shimmers on top to jazz it up too. 

Half Baked- A bright gold, great for a halo eye and all over lid colour when you're in a rush. 

Smog- A gold/brown shimmer, work with Half Baked either side for a great easy halo eye.

Darkhorse- A deep, dark brown. Amazing for creating a smokey eye if you are fairer and find a black smokey eye too harsh.

Toasted- A darker pink shade with brown undertones, it's probably my least used product in the palette but not because it's my least favourite, it's probably better suited for naked 3. 

Hustle- A purple shimmer, with again- brown undertones. Works best With Toasted. 

Creep- The deepest shade in the palette. Not quite black- an onyx shimmer with gold sparkle. Use for a glam cat eye.

Gunmental- The only cooler tone. It's a dark metallic gray shimmer with silver micro-glitter, a great precurser to naked 2. 

So, are you sad to see this staple go? Or do you think it's too played out now? Leave your thoughts below!