Hey everyone! So I finally got around to posting another youtube video, recently I discovered lip liner. Sounds a little late I know but I always presumed it was just for more mature ladies but I was very wrong and it manages to make my lips look a lot bigger- so here are the detailed steps to my video.

1. The prep
To create a fuller lip you need to plump them a bit. The best method of doing this is to remove any dead skin. It's best to do this as you're cleaning your teeth as a toothbrush acts  exfoliates them very well. Then use a lip scrub, it is essential to get rid of all the dead skin or else you are just applying make up that will just shed off. Then apply lipbalm to the soft lip to stop this build up.

2. Line your lips
If you don't do any of the other steps make sure you do this. Chose a shade one darker from your lips, I chose to do pink mature bobbi brown but it will be different for everyone. Do this part slowly and start at the top of your cupids bow then do a little of each side at a time. Then gradually do the rest of the edges. You may find when doing this that your lips are a little uneven, like mine are, Don't go too much against this, the uneveness will be slight and barely noticeable whereas lip liner all over your skin is. Draw some liner going into your lips too, this will help blend in with your lipstick.

Just do a very rough highlighter over the top lip to help form the shape, don't worry if it looks too light- a concealer will be going over it.

 In the video I just dab on the lipstick and then blend it. This is because the shade of lipstick I use is slightly darker than my natural colour. However, I would recommend this with all lipsticks, you can always layer until your happy.

5. Go over with Lip liner again
Just define again. This will help keep it on for longer.

6. Cover up
This will just tidy up any smudge bits and pieces.

Products used....
Lip scrub: Lush Mint Jars
Lipstick: Topshop boardroom
Foundation: Lancome 24 ultra