Ah pound land, the student's paradise. Everything for just a £1?! How is everything so cheap?! Everything is a bargain. Or is it?

With the supermarket wars which began a good few years ago, we are constantly seeing new price match promises, rollbacks and money back- are these competing with the supposed bargains of Poundland? Let's compare some of the prices from Poundland to Sainsburys- what my friends considered to be the most expensive supermarket.

The Food:

£1Land offers 600gr bread from warbartons, Sainsburys offer Medium white Warburtons 800g for just a £1 and Hovis for 75p.

£1Land offers 2 Litres whereas Sainsburys offer 2.27 Ltrs for £1... more for your money and its not even on offer.

One and a half kilos for a £1, which sounds pretty unbeatable.... Sainsbury's can beat this price, but you have to buy more. A kilo of sugar works out to be 66p at Poundland, whereas just buying a kilo for Sainsburys is 70p.... however buying 3 kilos work out as just 60p.


Poundland's own tea taste like shit. I don't even feel like I should compare. Good tea is priceless.

Cereal, cereal bars and even pop tarts all win hands down. Deffinately stock up here for your lunchbox essentials. 75p cheaper a pack.

Health and Beauty

Shampoos and Conditioners:
Poundland have quite a limited stock to see on their website but to be fair so do Sainsburys... I Couldn't seem any to directly compare but generally poundland seems to work out a lot cheaper when looking at the same brands. BUT knowing us girls we want our favourite products and are willing to pay more for them. Your call on this one.

Hygiene products:
Toothpaste is ALWAYS cheaper at poundland- even in the special offers! Stocking up here is a good idea. (They also do one direction toothpaste, which is just fab). Deodorant seems like a very good deal at a £1, especially as they are of a decent size too. In this case Sainsburys are nearly twice as much as coming in at £1.70 for the same products. However, supermarkets often do rollbacks and discounts on products which are slightly larger meaning that per ml they often work out cheaper. 

Make up:
Poundland have their own range! This is new to me. I may be trying these out... no comments on the price as its too difficult to compare. 

Domestic Goodies

Washing up:
Sly underhand tactics from Poundland here. Yes Fairy liquid is cheaper than in Sainsburys, but it is a smaller packet- one of their most notorious moves. Currently Sainsburys are doing an offer of 2 for £3 on 870ml bottles... this would cost you about £3.48.

Kitchen Roll:
Just £1 for two roles! But its this cheap for a reason. Really. They are shit. you may as well just use toilet paper to clean your surfaces. You can get branded ones for £1.50 at Sainsburys, these probably work out cheaper as you'll use less sheets.


So what's the verdit? Obviously I haven't been able to go over all the products that Poundland sells, there homewear section, boxes, baking trays etc are really good value for money. But don't expect too high a quality of these products, you do get what you pay for. Pound land are good for branded products but you must be aware of some of there catches... such as smaller packets. Poundland is good if you are really watching to pennies, but usually stocking up at your local supermarkets when then are offers on, or buying larger size products can work out cheaper in the long run but you will have to had over a bit more at the till.

Hope you liked this post! It's a little different to my usual posts, but feel like I needed more lifestyle ones! What do you think of poundland?

N x