If you've read any another of my recent posts about my day in London, you would've seen me mention the 10 years on death row exhibition at the Amnesty International HQ in Hackney.
The exhibition was only on for a short time and I believe it's finished now. However, hopefully you can enjoy ( if that's the right thing to say!) looking at photos from it. The exhibition was short but sweet. It was ideal for those who just wanted a taster of art, but didn't fancy the whole day going around a gallery.

 Myuran Sukumaran was a London born man imprisoned for smuggling heroin into Indonesia. He was sentenced to death, the painting at the top of this blog was the self portrait he made they day his re appeal was refused. I found this the most striking. The self portrait is just so powerful and even the positioning of it reflected the importance of the last moments of his life. All the paintings were positioned across the one floor in chronological order and you could see the change in his work and emotions as his death date came nearer and his trials to an end.
Before his trial, here he takes a realist approach, with warm colours and a strong background

Soon after his conviction. He still maintains colour but the realism is slightly lost. Seen in the many colours of the skin.
A Family portrait, the loss of colour and depth to the skin is apparent here. The facial expressions also appear more distant and less connected. 

Granddad- this is very dark. A traumatized picture of his granddad dying.