I'm always in awe of other people's photos. Whether it be on instagram or their blog, the visual aesthetics are probably the main quality which can draw you into following them. One of the best, but trickiest things about blogging, it taking your own photos. It's important to get creative when making your flat lays. However, we don't always want to spend money on this. Blogging is pretty expensive as it is already. Below is a little guide to uping your blogging game, without leaving a hole in your wallet.

Step 1: Pick a colour scheme/theme
One of the top tips of blog posts telling you how to gain a 'large following' is by making sure your Instagram has a theme. Now as visually amazing as that is, my life is not one colour and I don't want to limit myself by just only posting things I think will fit into a scheme. If someone's a full time blogger then I completely get it, but as I've always said it is a hobby for me and I don't want to portray a fake lifestyle to anyone kind enough to follow me. So I've decided to do every other photo on my instagram as a 'white theme'. My instagram still looks consistent but I don't feel restricted. When looking for visual props its always best to bare in mind what the end result will look like. It can be easy to get carried away and purchase everything you like the look of, but photo's should be like outfit planning, think what you're going to use that with before you purchase. Remember to buy products which compliment each other. Maybe try a flat lay without the props and think to yourself what you want to see in those bare spaces.

Step 2: Utilise what you already have
Before spending your hard earned cash have a rummage through your draws. Do you have any packaging which could be reused as a background? Any home decor you can pop next to a product? Any tea towels with a beautiful pattern? Remember to get creative, if you think something looks pretty then think how you can incorporate this into your photos. 

Step 3: Make a list 
This kinda goes back to point one, just make sure you have a plan. You'll save yourself money in the long run and you won't be buying pieces you'll never use.

This covers the preparation and practical part. 

Step 4: Arts and Crafts 
Patterned paper is a really inexpensive way to up your blog photos! Layering two sheets next to a product is one of the simplist but most affective ways to improve your photos. Postcards are a very cheap way to sprouse up any background and also a lovely way to get words involved.

Step 5: Don't  pick up too many artificial plants
Artificial flowers are great, they look perfect and never die- ideal. But if you are on a tight budget remember you can always look to the outside world for real flowers. Now, don't be stealing plants from your neighbours' prize garden. But it's really easy to find flowers in the wild. Dandelions and daisys come in great abundance and no one really minds if you pick them. Free authentic props for you.

Step 6: Practice your layouts/ Organise your stock
Play around and experiment with your images, have fun! That's why most of us blog anyway, When you find combinations you really like store those products together in a ready made pack for the next time you want to take photos.

Those are my 6 steps and the one's I'll be trying to adhere to from now on on thebrondegirl! I love the pieces I've picked up (shopping list below) and can't wait to experiment with my photos from now on!

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Love, live, photo's postcard
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