June was a crazy month. But in a good way. After a difficult year for various reasons, June seemed to turn everything around. My mum had her operation and recovered well, and her post op appointment showed her margins came back clear! Which means no more operations or chemo, just radiation, which is the best we could have hoped for.

My exam results came back and despite having a slightly challenging time during the revision period I managed to secure a 2:1 in all my exams, leaving me with a 2:1 this year! Such a relief to get both of those results in.

I mentioned in my June aims that'd I'd be starting my internship that month. Well I have and I'm loving it. For the first time in probably ever I feel like I know where I'm going in my life and have something to aim for outside of university. It's just something which encompasses most of my enjoyments and hopefully skills! I just need to keep building upon what I've learnt and develop my phone skills for sure. But I know where my flaws are and how to improve them, which is much more important than recognises your strength if you look at it in the right way.

Which brings me to the photos in the post! I'm currently living with my boyfriend and his family and it's really lovely. I don't want to sound soppy but coming home to Scott everyday is lovely. Despite the fact we're both working full time, this is probably the most time I've seen him this year!

We went to Zizzi's for his sister's birthday and I stuffed my face! Fromage Fondue and Mozerella Garlic Bread for starter, penne and chicken in a mushroom sauce for main and mocha for pudding. May as well have been mine birthday. SO GOOD. I bought Lauren a Mac lipstick in Creme Blossom, MAC lipsticks as gifts are becoming a bit of a tradition to gifts for her now.

So July... Ideally I'd like it to be an extension of June and just hope the good news keeps coming! In term of work goals, my main aim is to become more confident and fluent on the phone and also to become a bit quicker with emails etc. In terms of my blog, I've set a time table which I'm determined to stick to! In my personal life, I need to get most things sorted for Fresher's week and somehow sort out my finances. A big eBay is order that's for sure. I just need to keep pushing myself to be proactive even when I just want to lie in bed and binge watch youtube videos.

And that's about it really! Bit of an odd post but I like to just keep posting life updates, not really sure why! I'll probably go back over this in a year just to look over what happened.What are your plans for July? X