I started Blogging in January 2015, and not realising how time consuming it'd be- thought I'd be writing a post everyday! It's fair to say that my blogging schedule has been a bit spradic to say the least, and while I'm in full time work/ at university I can't see that changing! But I've defineately improved with my regularity of posting, and a lot of other things! So whether you've been a reader from the beginning or only just joined let me give you a little insight to my (Sorry for the cringe) Blogging Journey.

When I started my blog I had just had an operation for Endometriosis, so had plenty of time couped up at home! I often wish that I had started blogging earlier- but I think taking on this hobby at that time was the best thing for me. I was a bit poorly for longer than expected and so while I was 'house bound' ( I use that word loosely) it was so lovely to have something to do.
One of my first, but for some reason most popular blog posts

Something I really enjoyed about starting blogging was the relationships you could build with others through things such as the Liebster award invited this to happen. Some of these bloggers I do keep in contact with and it's amazing to see all their success. However other's who seems to think they have 'outgrown' other, smaller bloggers did not stay in contact and unfollowed etc. And that's all I'm going to say on this matter.
Old Iphone Photos

There have clearly been a few changes in my blog since starting. One of the main ones is photography! When I started I just used and Iphone 5 and on Youtube a webcam- The webcam was a massive mistake. It cost me £40 ( I thought the price would give me a least a pixel!) and not to sound crass but the quality was shit. Why didn't I just use my phone?! I was allowed to use my family Camera and started using that to film. Until I bought my own Camera, a canon 1100 SD from Depop! I've had a bit of a love hate relationship with this camera in all honesty. Especially when it comes to filming- it doesn't auto focus and because I can't see myself there have been various times when I've spent half an hour filming just to find it hasn't filmed properly or is out of focus. So my next step will be to purchase the Classic Canon 70D- but with my current financial situation that seems a long way off.

Flat Lays have improved a lot...

It's definately still possible to blog using just an Iphone- with apps such as facetune you can make your photos look a lot higher quality! Similarly I picked up this Lumix Camera for £100 off amazon, which makes a great starter camera for both filming and photography. Another aspect I've improved upon is my Blogging layouts- Props are really easy and cheap to find and can just give your photos that extra edge, I've wrote about how I upped my blogging game on a budget here.

A before and after outfit post

In terms of my content I feel like it's stayed the same. I still write reviews, post outfits and how tos. I've become a little bit more personal with what I post but also instead of just talking about clothes in outfit posts I now write opinions or life updates- something which I feel works a lot more and its a little less monotonous!

And the biggest change of all has been my blog name. When I started it was Ntyoungfashion.... not too sure where I was going with that but I knew it was only temporary! A few months in I came up with the name TheBrondeGirl- which I love and it's here to stay! I actually get quite a few compliments on my username.

So I guess my next big milestone is to have 1000 posts! But that won't be for a few years yet. I definately want to change my theme and add on a few more personal touches. But I think this will all be in good time. A big thank you for reading and if you do, for following TheBrondeGirl. x