What a hectic few weeks! After being looked after at home, it's back to reality with uni work, volunteering, actual work and also being an actual adult.

I've wrote previously about my plans for this year and while it's all very well being optimistic and planning to do this and that- it's actually a lot harder when you come to do it!

I moved back to my house two weeks before term time actually started to do training and freshers, and it was pretty exhausting! It was great to volunteer and help out but I was completely knackared by the end of the week. Not to mention I somehow injured my foot and it ballooned to about twice the size, its' recovering now though thank god.

It's now coming to the end of the first week, and I'll be completely honest. I'm stressing out about this year. If any of you are at uni, you may have modules which are worth more than others. I do a joint honours (Anthropology and Archaeology) but these are both part of different schools, All of Archaeology modules are worth 30 credits and all of the Anthropology modules are worth 15. Each term you have to have an equal amount of credits- so in general I do more anthropology modules. Hopefully that all makes sense. However, I seem to have way more modules this term because of the 15 credit ones. And in all honesty, I've noticed ZERO difference in work load between the two types of modules. The problems of joint honours.

So I am worried about my work load this term, and this is the first time I've felt like this at Uni (other than essay week), so I'm going to have to be hyper organised this year and just get shit done as quickly as possible.

Also slightly stressed that my student loan hasn't come in on time. However, I think this is my fault for not re-registering on time so hopefully it will come around within in the next week. I need to think of a back up if not!

In brighter news it's Scott's Birthday this weekend! So I'll be spending a lovely weekend in Bournemouth with him. He's Djing one night but we've got a lovely hotel for the night and can hopefully have so lovely fish and chips by the sea. (Blog post to follow)

Touch wood that in my next blog post I'll have my student loan as well as a better plan for the year!

How did you stay organised and calm?