Oh Lawd. #Blogmas and #Vlogmas have just been an epic fail.

Missguided top
Missguided tracksuite bottoms: 

Third year, first term has literally been a whirlwind. I am not lying when I say that since about week 5, I've had something due every week. Assignments have quite literally taken over my life. Hence why I haven't been doing Blogmas or Vlogmas- quite frankly my vlogs would be way to boring to publish and every time I go to write a blogpost, I can't help but think ' I should be doing work'.

Luckily it's (nearly) over now, just the one assignment due over the holidays and some dissertation work. I'll be working my part time retail job, but I actually really like it! I can't wait to be making money again and actually have a normal routine.

Despite the fact that this term has been hectic, everything seems to be going quite well? ( I'm asking this as I don't want to Jynx it) but I'm had some really good grades and just yesterday, was somehow elected as an NUS delegate! Which was really unexpected.

In terms of the blog however. Not so good. Unfortunately, when things are going crazy my blog is always the thing that has to suffer. And I think will do as long as I'm in education. It is a huge love of mine but something has to take a backseat and it's usually blogging.

So I guess this rambly post is just a little 'hey sorry for my abscene but sometimes ( a lot of the time) life can get in the way.

Do you like my outfit by the way? I'm in LOVE with it. I haven't shopped on Missguided for a while but picked up these in their black friday sale! Which I've posted a haul of at the end. (shamless plug)

Lot of Love,
Natalie x