Welcome to a new series on my blog, a foodie series. This is going to be about food which students usually buy in the shops- but you can actually make at home easily and just as cheap. For the first recipe it makes sense to do is a pasta one! Seeing as most students live off it....

Red Pepper & Tomato Pasta Sauce

This is honestly one of my favourite foods now, it's really easy and quite frankly- fool proof. You can add so many variations to completely customise it to how you want. It's so affordable and an amazing way to get more veg into your diet.

Ingredients (serves 2)

. Large Red Pepper
. Can of Tomatoes or Tomatoe Puree
. Cream/ Yoghurt/ creme fresh- this is just an easy way to bulk it out a bit if you want more
. Spring onions
. Some form of cooking oil
. Flavourings (Chose what you want! I use all of them)
- Garlic
- Chilli
- Salt
- Pepper

Step1: Roast your peppers

Chop up your Red pepper into chunks (not fajita strips), pop these in a baking tray ( Poundland do amazing small ones for a one portion size), drizzle in oil and add any flavourings you want ( I wouldn't pop salt in at this point as the less salt you can get away with, the better). Roast these in the Oven for 20 mins. Ten mins into this start boiling the water for the pasta, when this is on a rolling boil. Pop in the pasta.

Step 2: Frying

Fry up some spring onions in oil on a low heat. Then add in the Roasted Peppers and turn up the heat a little. Add in as much tomatoes as you want, fry for a few mins. Then add all the flavourings you want! Fry for a couple of mins.

Step 3: Blend

Make sure you're food processor can take hot food! Otherwise it can be dangerous. Whip your mixture together, but make sure it's not perfectly smooth as it's a sauce not a puree.

Step 4: Refry and perfect

Whack it back into the frying pan, add a dollop of cream, yoghurt or creme fresh. Have a taste and add any more flavourings you want! And done- You're own Pasta sauce in about 35 mins.

The Stats

Cost per serving: About £1.30
Salt per serving: Less than a gram.
Sugar per serving: 8g (this is because of the canned tomatoes, you can reduced this using tomato puree or pulp your own tomato.)

Shop Bought
Cost per Jar: £1.80
Salt per serving: 1.23g
Sugar Per Serving: 8g

Now I know that the homemade pasta sauce takes longer but the fact is you have to cook the pasta anyway, so really, you're only putting in an extra 10 mins effort! Plus it tastes so good, try it if you don't believe me.