Recently I've been struggling for outfit inspirations and it's definitely not because I have nothing to wear. So I've decided to let the alphabet determine what I wear for the next 26 days.

Day 1:
Recently I purchased a Scorpio top from Topshop in the sale, I tried to buy it full price a little while ago but they didn't have my size- which meant I snapped it up recently for £10!
I love astrology. I recently had a lecture in classical myth where we learnt how astrology came about and what myth each constellation links too. That's something I plan to learn more about this year, because how cool would it be just to look to the sky and be able to read it? After spending a good part of today reading a book called alchemy and mysticism.. I felt it appropriate to wear this top.

This top is personal to me, not only because I'm a Scorpio but also because of my interest in myths, so I was so happy when I saw it was available.

I've styled it with some boohoo trousers which featured in my boohoo haul recently. Even though the entire pattern on the top is awesome, I've tucked it into the pants and this gives the outfit more shape.

I'm wearing my LK Bennett boots, possibly my best ever shoe buy. They go with pretty much everything and can make any outfit look good. Not only that but the are so comfy and the perfect height for me.

To layer up this outfit I'd put it with the generic leather biker jacket, as the trousers are so baggy it needs something fitted on top and probably slightly cropped- I didn't want to lose the pattern of the top either.

As it was particularly cold today I popped it with my Ralph Lauren Scarf. Its a lovely Charcoal grey, the outfit was already black heavy so accessories need to be a bit lighter.I put on my old topshop snake ring. I felt pretty edgy (though I'm not) wearing a 'leather' jacket and a scorpion on my top so tried to continue this with jewelry. My bag was bought on holiday about seven years ago.... I will never be able to find anything to compare to it.

I can't quite figure out why but this outfit just looked better with my hair up. I think its probably because the neckline is a little high up.

Top: Topshop, only Aries left
Trousers: Boohoo
Sunnies: Depop, phillip normal
Scarf: Ralph Lauren (similar at tesco)
Boots: LK Bennett
Ring: Old Topshop ( similar at asos)

What do you think of the look and the alphabet idea, let me know below :)? 

N x