In the last few months Lancome have been receiving a heck of a lot of attention for their new mascara Grandiose. Many claimed it to be the best mascara ever, with a swan head brush able to do the job of eyelash curlers for you and lovely rose packaging,  who would not want this product?!

Lancome's mascara fame was neither a  surprise or shock to me. I've been using their product Hypnose for ages. My mum gave me it after I managed to tear out half my eyelashes at 13 using a cheap eyelash curler. She told my that the mascara contained keratin and so would make my eyelashes grow back quickly. She was right! Mascara Hypnose is by far the best mascara I've ever used- and I have tried many mascaras. So when I heard that Lancome had improved upon it and made something even better I had to go and try it out to see if it were possible...

*Warning: Incredibly pouty selfies about to take up your screen'*

Below is a picture of me after using Lancome Hypnose

Hypnose retails at £22.50. I usually buy them when there in sets (Currently two for £33) or retailers off ebay. But you get what you pay for. The Mascara lasts for nearly 3 months. It doesn't dry out your eyelashes and doesn't need reapplying during the day. Hypnose lengthen's my lashes and as you can (hopefully!) see from above it separates them creating a fanned looked. However, on my bottom lashes I find it hard to use. My bottom lashes are very long and if i were to apply one layer to all of them they would look like spiders legs, so I just did the edges to the middle and went noway near the apex. It manages to pick up every lash making my eyes look bigger. In the photo above I curled my lashes before hand and used Lancome art liner- another one of their products I'd recommend.

Now to compare....

Grandiose retails at £24.50, since it is a relatively new and very popular product, you will probably have to grin and bare paying full price. The swan head means you definitely do not need to use an eyelash curler, I do anyway because lets face it if anyone can make their eyes look bigger they will! However, in the photo above, I have not. The mascara made my eyelashes more upright and gave more volume than Hypnose. It was very quick to apply, And only two layers achieved my look above. It looked better on my bottom lash than the Hypnose but this is because I did not find it to be as good at lengthening. The other fault I found with the Mascara as it does not seem to wear as well. It dries up very quickly on the face and for this look to be sustained it does need reapplying every few hours.

I'm personally going to be sticking with my regular Hypnose. I find it coats each lash and never gets crumbly. I prefer the length it gives me. I'm probably the only person to say this too, but I even prefer the packaging! The simple, slick shape makes it fit in my make up bag easily which is useful as I need all the room I can get it there!

Both Mascaras are fab so if you really want to try Grandiose there's no way I wouldn't tell you not too! It just depends on the look your going for really.

Have you tried either of the products? What did you prefer?

N x