I love shopping with my boyfriend. To be fair I love doing anything with him but its just a really enjoyable experience, he doesn't just say 'yeh thats fine' he actually gives an opinion but won't let his word be the deciding factor. He understands that Fashion is a hobby of mine and that I enjoy styling etc and so is very patient. Equally I am too though.

Scott also loves his fashion and we spent a good time looking around what I was told ' Streetwear Indie' Shoe shops. I used my sales assistant shoes and convinced him to buy these.... I'm sure he loves me for it.

We Then popped into a coffee shop for a quick caffine boost before hitting Oxford street (My turn to shop). We were just waking around Soho looking for a cute style independent one. We didn't get very far when we stumbled across Cutter and Squidge. I was literally just looking into the window to see if they did hot drinks when the lady at the till started smiling at me and welcoming me in. She was just the friendliest thing, we couldn't say no.

 The food itself was ok, I had a red velvet bisquite, which I would not have again- Scott ordered a slice of cake which was HUGE, it was pretty damn tasty, If you're around the area I'd give it a visit just for the staff, they are the nicest hardworking ladies and bring so much personality to the brand. Support independent!

After our little pit stop we headed to Oxford Street for my shopping time, I picked up a beautiful white rucksake From Newlook ( Will be doing a what's in my schoolbag post), some fabulous snake print boots from River Island ( Check out my instagram!) And some cool colour block shorts and asymmetric black jumper from there too.... (outfit post to come).

Have you visited the Capital recently? What did you do?
N x