Is anyone else feeling some real Halloween blues? I've never really got into it all that much before but this year I feel like I spent ages, watching tutorials, sorting through my products and talking about Halloween! Now that it's done I'm feeling a little bit lost as to what to plan next.

So I know my drag make up could've gone better, but for a first attempt I don't think it's too bad. I'm happy with my over contour and my lips, it's just my eyes which needed a significant improvement! The first thing I did was concealed my brows using a print stick, powder and concealer. This was probably the hardest bit, my brows are think a long! I should've let the glue set for a lot longer and had a much lighter hand when applying the concealer so I didn't disrupt the glue. But it did make for this fantastic picture below.
Sorry about the nightmares

I tried to do some clever blending with eye shadows and kinda managed to make a fake crease, but in the end I was applying eyeshadow left right and center hoping for the best. Probably should've spent more time on this but it didn't look too shabby, just not as great as I hoped! On that note I really should bring up and give praise to the Maybeline 24 tattoo fix eyeshadow. I love the buttery texture and it's amazing pigmentation. Lasts a long time but it's hard to get off! I can't see myself using this colour much more really, but I will be heading back for some more colours. Unfortunately I was quick dissapointed with the Revolution acid bright pallate, the pigmentation was SO faint, the main reason why I couldn't do my eyeshadow how I wanted.

I drew some crazy big wings and made a false lower lash line. Before going in heavy with my contour products, maximum product with minimal blending! For my lips I used a deep pencil with a lighter pinky purple lippy ( I can't remember which one!) and then covered it in a balm for a sheen. For the lashes I applied as many as my lids could take. And my brows are natural. (joking I used bobbi brown gel eyeliner in sepia ink)

The hair was a mix of tight curls, a lot of hair spray and even more backcombing.

I hope you enjoyed my little overview of a Halloween costume! Like I said I know it needs improvement but I don't think it's too bad for a first attempt.