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As a Coffee addict and Scrub fan, I was very excited to try this product by Samantha Ashton. Using a 100% natural ingredients the scrub including Coffee (obvs), Brown sugar, sea salt, cinnamon among many other scrumptious things. With this rich combination of ingredients the scrub claims to help combat, cellulite, stretch marks, excema and other conditions.

I'm fortunate enough not to suffer from any of the above but I do have very dry skin. Especially this time of year- shaving and the cold weather takes its toll. And I can confirm that after two washes this has helped so much. I honestly can't remember the last time my skin felt this soft. And already I can see a glow- I don't even get that in summer, let alone winter! The cold isn't even stopping my from showing my legs off now. Just make sure you give yourself a few mins to rinse out the bath after!

If you don't fancy smelling like a Mocha for the rest of the day do not be alarmed. The smell of the scrub reminds me of when I used to work in a coffee shop and came home smelling like I'd never left, which in a way is weirdly nostalgic. But the strong coffee smell doesn't linger, instead the sweet almond oil lingers giving a delicate, fresh scent which isn't too overwhelming.

So in a brief summary, I adore this product. It's something different and not your standard scrub, from the packaging to the contents. I never know where to start with shower products and usually go with whatever's on offer or smells good- however this looks like a new staple for me. If you want to enjoy this coffee scrub or anything else on the website you can use the code brondegirl20 for 20% off! Perfect for Christmas. And for just general images check out their instagram.

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me however all opinions in this are completely my own. This post has not been sponsored, neither am I earning any commission with the discount code- this is just so you can enjoy this product too with a discount! (expires Jan 31st)